¡Black Woman!

Black Woman
multiple faces
Countless names.
I say Black Woman!
And I caught the word witch forgotten ritual
Powerful euphony.
Woman,  you are also the color of jet black skin

love tight rainbow
Night Cat Eyes
Belligerent princess stoking her people’s lovely   beauty.

I understand your desire to not be invoked by this sign
It wasn't you who created that sentence for you and your sisters,
But I've fallen for you as Black woman
rebel smile
rebellious skin
indestructible joy
Maroon Hair
And munificent love.

In my soul I call you
Black, Black, Black Woman
And I want the white man’s fear to be true
To the fade and smudge your epidermic rub.

Spread to me your sublime blackness
Your sacred drums
Your Marimba de Chonta
Your thirst for life even after death
Your pride never sullied.

Teach me Black woman to be happy in your unwavering defiance
Your indomitable joy before the yoke of fear and pain with which the white man kidnapped you.
Teach me to be celebration in suffering
To be smile in the face of that imposed martyrdom with which they could never destroy your soul.

Let me conjure Black woman!
Surround me in your chest
In your embrace bring me back to my African ancestry
Bless me by naming your sister
Mestiza skin
And black soul.

Sortilegios - Lilit Lobos

Fotografía de Alexander Zuleta

Agradecimiento al profesor Juan Gómez del Instituto de Filosofía de la Universidad de Antioquia, por la revisión y aporte a la traducción de este poema.